Expat Comply

As an employer of executive level expats, you need to ensure employees are correctly remunerated, meeting their tax compliance obligations and claiming concessions in which they may be entitled to each year.

We ensure the tax needs of your expat employees are taken care of during their entire time in Singapore with our Expat Comply service.

Expat Comply is an added benefit you can provide your executive level employees to attract and retain them.

Included In Expat Comply

Arrival Consultation

During the Arrival Consultation we address any tax issues your executive level expat employee may have when they arrive in Singapore, including an outline of how the system operates and what their annual obligations are.

Tax Return Preparation

We prepare and lodge each employee’s personal tax return on an annual basis, claiming all relevant concessions.

Departure Consultation

When your expat employee is departing Singapore, we can assist to lodge all the necessary departure forms and hold a Departure Consultation to discuss any tax issues arising from their departure from Singapore.

“For years, we were outsourcing this to one of the large firms.

When we met with CST, it quickly became apparent
that certain concessions were not being factored into
the employees' tax returns.

As a result of appointing CST, we have seen a
considerable reduction in the amount of tax payable by
our employees.”

Sandra Yeo, Manager Human Resources and General Affairs, NSK ASEAN and OCEANIA Pte Ltd

Want to attract and retain expat employees?

Give employees an added benefit to join and remain with your company with Expat Comply.
We provide them with peace of mind that their tax matters are correctly managed while in Singapore.

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