Trusts and Estates

The taxation of trusts can be a complex area to navigate in Singapore. Trusts and the way they operate are heavily regulated and require specialist knowledge to meet compliance obligations.

For over a decade, we have been advising clients who wish to establish or need to administer a trust while living in Singapore.

We provide specialist international tax advice for clients who are moving to Singapore with an international trust in place. These clients need to understand the tax implications of assets held in the trust in both Singapore, their home country and the location of the asset.

Ways In Which We Provide Trust And Estate Advice

Strategic Tax Review

For clients who have existing trusts in place, our Strategic Tax Review provides in-depth tax advice about the structure of the trust and tax implication of the assets held in the trust.

Custom Advisory

If you are looking to establish a trust or make structural changes we recommend custom advisory. During a custom advisory engagement, we look at your unique mix of assets to devise a structure that meets your financial goals.

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