Departure from Singapore

Before you begin the next chapter of your life be sure you are aware of your tax obligations in Singapore and the country you are moving to next.

In Singapore, you need to obtain a tax clearance before leaving. Without a tax clearance you may not be able to board your flight.

There may be new tax obligations depending on where you are moving to. You need to understand how the assets and investments you have accumulated while living in Singapore will be taxed in the country you are moving to.

How We Can Assist With Your Departure

Departure Advisory

Our departure advisory consultation is designed for clients who are departing Singapore. The consultation provides advice on common tax issues you need to be aware of before leaving Singapore and assistance with obtaining a tax clearance.

Initial Tax Review

Designed for executives departing Singapore, our Initial Tax Review provides high-level international tax advice regarding your tax position.

Strategic Tax Review

With our Strategic Tax Review, we take an in-depth look at your personal assets and your financial goals to devise a tax strategy the strengthens your international tax position.

Custom Advisory

For clients who have extensive international assets and investments, we provide a custom advisory service tailored to your unique situation. Our advisory team will consider the country you are moving to when providing tax advice and a tax strategy.

Leave Singapore with confidence!

Avoid unnecessary surprises and have peace of mind that your tax position is protected before leaving Singapore.

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