Global Structuring

Organisation seeking to expand abroad or commence cross-border trading need specialist international tax advice to avoid unnecessary surprises in their tax position.

The manner and location in which your entities are owned and structured can have a large impact on your tax obligations in Singapore and abroad.

When providing you with Global Structuring advice we look at the impact of key international issues including:

  • Dividend repatriation
  • Withholding taxes
  • Double taxation treaty interpretation

How We Can Assist With Global Structuring

Strategic Tax Review

Our Strategic Tax Review is designed for organisations that are looking to expand into a single market. It covers aspects such as ownership of entities, incorporation requirements and tax compliance obligations in Singapore.

Custom Advisory

If you plan to expand to multiple markets and regions, we provide a custom advisory service. We look at your unique mix of assets and entities and provide detailed structuring and tax advice to support your expansion plans.

“CST provides tax advice and preparation
services for my company. I rely on them as my trusted
advisor when I am looking to expand my business.

They take the time to understand my goal and always
provide me with sound and considered options, which I appreciate.”

Joshua Canning, Founder & Managing Director, Select Metals

Planning to expand abroad?

Avoid unnecessary surprises and have peace of mind that your organisation
is structured in a manner that strengthens your tax position as you enter new markets.

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