Global Families

Families who are globally dispersed and have an extensive pool of assets around the world require specialist tax advice to ensure that requirements in different jurisdictions are appropriately managed.

The tax services your family needs goes beyond annual compliance. You need specific advice on how to structure your assets in a manner that preserves and maximises your wealth.

The approach we take in assisting Global Families involves:

  • Identifying your long-term interests to provide you with a strategy that achieves your specific family goals;
  • Understanding your unique mix of assets and cross-border requirements;
  • Undertaking and coordinating your ongoing cross-border tax preparation and ensuring compliance;
  • Preparing bespoke financial reports with insights to assist with your decision making;
  • Introducing specialists across various disciplines including wealth advisory, estate planning and private banking to ensure that you and your family are well advised;
  • Advising you on regulation changes to ensure you are informed of the impact.

Key Services For Global Families

Tax Advisory

We take into account your unique mix of international assets and investments to devise a tax strategy that strengthens your international tax position.

Trusts & Estates

We will provide the advice and guidance you need to ensure your trust is meeting compliance obligations and contributing to growing your wealth.

Personal Tax Returns

The Singaporean tax system is considered quite straight forward compared to other nations. There are, however, many tax concessions available that you may not know you are eligible for.

Departure from Singapore

Before you begin the next chapter of your life be sure you are aware of your tax oblations in Singapore and the country you are moving to next.

Investing Abroad

Investing abroad while living in Singapore may have many complexities depending on where you plan to invest.

Protect your family legacy.

Our experienced tax advisory team will strengthen your international tax position
and structure your assets and investments in a manner that grows your wealth.

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