What expats living in Singapore need to know about the tax system

The Singaporean tax system is fairly straight forward. The Singaporean government only taxes income that is earnt in Singapore.

This means if you have assets that provide you income outside of Singapore, you will not be required to pay tax in Singapore on that income.

There are however a number of tax concessions that expats can claim and may not be aware of.

Complexities with your tax obligations can generally arise in your home country, particularly if you are originally from a nation with a complex tax system such as the USA, UK and Australia.

How we can assist with your personal tax situation

Expats living in Singapore

For expats living in Singapore, we provide an ongoing tax management service that ensures you are claiming all the concessions you are entitled to and complying with your obligations. We act as your tax agent with any queries that may arise from IRAS and communicate with relevant government bodies on your behalf.

Expats looking to invest while in Singapore

A large number of expats choose to grow their assets while living in Singapore. We provide tailored tax advice to ensure that the acquisition of your assets are structured in a manner that reduces new risk and contributes to your wealth.

Expats leaving Singapore to live elsewhere

We assist expats who are leaving Singapore to aquire the necessary tax clearance required to leave the country. Without tax clearance, you may be refused departure from Singapore when you attempt to board your flight.

“CST Tax Advisors provide tax advice and preparation services for both my company and my individual tax affairs.

I rely on them as my trusted advisor when I am looking to expand my business or purchase personal assets. They take the time to understand my goal and always provide me with sound and considered options, which I appreciate.”

Joshua Canning, Founder & Managing Director, Select Metals

Our connected offices

We provide international tax advice and compliance services to globally mobile clients moving in and out of Singapore.

Singapore, Australia and USA Connectivity

With offices in Singapore, Sydney and Los Angeles, we specialise in providing cross-border advice to clients moving between these regions. The connectedness of our principals in these offices means you recieve tailored international tax advice provided by local tax experts that take your complete tax situation into account.

For clients from these regions, we offer an integrated tax management service which means your tax obligations are taken care of, not only in Singapore, but also Australia and USA if you need to lodge tax returns in these countries.

Talk to us now

If you want to discuss how we can assist you with your personal tax situation contact us today on +65 6226 5566 or info@csttax.com.sg

Need tax advice?

We care. CST’s guiding philosophy is to understand and have empathy with our clients while providing specialist tax advice and services. If you need integrated cross border tax advice and compliance our renowned team is able to help you.

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